Old Imari Dyed Rokaku Landscape Soba Choko #1-046

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Ko-Imari Dyed Rokaku Landscape Soba Choko Soba choko with a Rokaku Landscape picture drawn generously in bright gosu

Approximately 73mm in diameter x 56mm in height

Period <br>Late Edo period

There is a new on the hill. There are some small scratches and pinholes, but these conditions are common in old vessels, so we are selling them as normal.

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The stamp and dyed vessels we offer are very old vessels. The atmosphere and condition are completely different from modern or new vessels. Before placing your order, please be sure to check the following notes.
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The stamped and blue-and-white ware we have available is very old. Its atmosphere and condition are completely different from modern or new items. Please be sure to read the precautions [Before purchasing antiques] before placing your order.


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