Before you buy antiques


[Before purchasing stamped plates and blue-and-white plates]

Pretend play

These are black or brown spots that appear when impurities such as firewood or sparks adhere to the glaze in the kiln during firing of pottery. They are also called kiln marks.


These are marks left by the pottery pieces sticking together when they are fired, and are also called kiln marks.


"Crazing" is a crack-like pattern that appears when fired porcelain is removed from the kiln and allowed to cool. This occurs when the glaze cracks due to the time difference and rate of shrinkage between the base and glaze.


The glaze and clay are cracked. If there is no damage such as water leakage or cracking, we may be able to sell it.

Chips (frayed or torn)

This refers to a condition in which the rim or base is chipped, and very small chips are called hotsu.


Soge: A state in which the rim and other parts have been chipped off so thinly that the original shape is not compromised.

Print transfer misalignment

The image may be misaligned because the transfer paper was misaligned during printing.

Print transfer omission

During the painting stage with the printing plate, the design may not be drawn due to poor adhesion of the transfer paper.